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Pareidolia Picture Stones

Seeing a picture in a stone is a very individual experience. Not everyone sees the same picture, if any. The stones on this page are ones we feel are more recognisable as containing pictures by a greater number of people, based on what our friends tell us they see. This does not mean that the only stones on this site with pictures are to be found on this page. There are a number of them on the Beads page, and throughout the others. It's an individual thing: if you see a picture, it's there. Prices are in USA $.

Pareidolia [noun] (/pærɨˈdoʊliə/ parr-i-doh-lee-ə) -

The tendency to interpret a vague stimulus as something known to the observer, such as interpreting marks on Mars as canals, seeing shapes in clouds, or hearing hidden messages in music.

Look at the stones and try to find a picture. Click on the stone to get an enlarged view, and a description of the picture that most of us at Stoned Opal see.

Picture 11 weight: 10.8 carats. size: 21 x 13 x 5.2 mm Boulder opal. Reminds me of the black marlin that run here in Sept/Oct heading north outside the Great Barrier Reef. Price: $750
Picture 01 - 11carats. 23 x 18 x 4.5mm matrix opal. Emmerich found and cut this stone. When the stone is moved in the hand, all of the veins light up with an electric green flash. A great stone for a pendant. Price: $1000SOLD
Picture 34 weight: 17.2 carats. size: 32 x 15 x 4.4 mm. Boulder Opal. A beautiful example of scenice gem quality opal. Price: $2200
Picture 13 weight: 6.8 carats. size: 23 x 11 x 4.1 mm. Boulder opal. Price: $250
Picture 21 weight: 13.3 carats. size: 19 x 11 x 5.8 mm. Yowah Nut. Sort of a lumpy shape on the back, which could be recut to suit either a ring or pendant . Price: $200SOLD
Picture 29 weight: 33.6 carats. size: 29 x 17.5 x 8 mm. Koroit Matrix Opal. Price: $300
Picture 15 - weight: 10 carats. size: 25 x 14 x 3.3 mm. Boulder Opal. Concave face that adds depth . . . and oh those red lips! Price: $650
Picture 09 - weight:15.2 carats. size: 18.5 x 16 x 6.6mm Yowah Nut matrix opal. The bottom of the stone is drilled with a 2mm hole, in case a simple bale was to be attached. The other side is kind of interesting too. Price: $100
Picture 45 weight: 29.8 carats combined. size: 23 x 20 x 5 and 20 x 17 x 3.6. The stone on the left is from Lightning Ridge, the one on the right from Quilpie. Price: $460 for both
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