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  • David Glickman - Lambert International. During WW2 9 year old virtuoso violinist David was rescued from the Nazis by Gurdjief's group and brought to Frank Lloyd Wright's house in Chicago where he was raised and given an education in medicine and law. He moved to Bangkok at the start of the 70's, qualified as an attorney for the Thai Bar, married, became fluent in Thai,and started a gem business. His son is taking it into the second generation. This is a 100% trustworthy company to deal with (by mail or in person) when purchasing gemstones of any kind. 807 Silom Rd. Bangkok, Thailand. web:www.americans-in-bangkok.com
  • Peter Brusaschi - peter@opalmine.com, or check out his fantastic website, with the most comprehensive information you'll find anywhere on opal & how it's produced, on www.opalmine.com
  • GIA (Gemological Institute of America) www.gia.edu/gandg will get you their magazine "Gems & Gemology". Their address is 5345 Armada Dr., Carlsbad, CA 92008 and www.gia.edu will reach them. The "Bible" of the gem industry.
  • Kuranda Homepage - info@kuranda.org - find out more about this wet tropics World Heritage paradise. A town revitalised in the early 1970's by a bunch of dope smoking hippys, now a major international tourist destination.
  • Diamond Pacific, Barstow, California (1-800-253 1030)email: diamondpacific.com We have 2 of their Genie machines, the oldest one's 24 years old & still going strong.
  • Imahashi Mfg.Co.Ltd. makes the ultra-sonic driller we use to make the holes in our beads. Ms.K.Nazuka handles all the orders, but will be retiring next year. One of the world's top manufacturers of lapidary and related equipment. 533 Hino, Hino-shi, Tokyo, Japan
  • Queensland Government Department of Natural Resources and Mines - www.nrm.qld.gov.au/mines/fossicking/index.html - for those of you rockhounds who might be considering a walk around the Queensland gemfields.
  • Delarue opals - Australian opals and opal jewelry direct from the mines | The largest choice of cut and rough Australian opals and opal jewelry on the net, and the lowest prices.We accept PayPal. Worldwide shipping by insured Air Mail. – 204 Victoria St Cardwell Qld 4849 – Phone: 07 40668140
  • SKYRAIL - www.skyrail.com.au - a tree-tops way to get to Kuranda. You'll be able to look down and see the Kuranda Queen cruising the Barron River as you arrive in Kuranda. You can take this 45 minute World Heritage cruise by turning right when you exit the Skyrail terminal.
  • Tjapukai Dance Theatre - www.tjapukai.com.au - located at the foot of the Kuranda Range next to Skyrail, you can see the local Kuranda Aborigine boys and girls strut their traditional stuff. They'll even show you how to throw a boomerang without decapitating yourself.
  • Kuranda Rainforest Tours - krts@ozemail.com.au - host of the Kuranda Queen, Queensland's highest altitude riverboat cruise. See the World Heritage rainforest up close and personal, as well as the odd crocodile, cormorant, and eagle. If you travel to Kuranda by Skyrail or train, just turn right when you exit the terminal or station to board the riverboat.
  • Australian Jewellers Supply - ian@ausjewellers.com.au - what would we do without them? A great company and nice bunch of folks who can supply you with or help you access anything you need as a jeweler.
  • Fire Mountain - www.firemountaingems.com - a nice (and very professional) bunch of guys & girls in Oregon, USA, who provide us with everything we need that has to do with beads.
  • K.J.Thompson Holdings1908 Sandgate Rd., Virginia, Queensland 4014 Australia kjeng.com.au phone: 07 3865 4420 The local distributor for Diamond Pacific products, as well as manufacturing their own top quality lapidary equipment. The big saw we use was made by them over 20 years ago, and we've never had a problem with it.
  • Owsley Stanley: bear@thebear.org Not only is Bear an accomplished sculptor, but also a master of cloissone enameling. He examines his finished pieces with a 10x power jeweler's loupe for any flaws or bubbles. This is the same attitude towards quality that Bear brings to all of his works. His classic cloisonne of the Grateful Deads' lightning bolt/skull is a benchmark in modern jewelery. Being well traveled, he also has the answer to almost every question on the planet. He likes the Koroit & Yowah material and the pictures and patterns that seem to be enameled into the rock, and sometimes uses it in the production of his pieces.
  • High Times Magazine - www.hightimes.com - the difinitive publication in literary dopology.
  • Queensland Railways - www.traveltrain.com.au - a 90 minute journey from Cairns to Kuranda, winding up the steep face of the World Heritage Barron Gorge. A great trip. When you arrive at the Kuranda station, turn right to cruise the Barron River, or walk the riverfront loop into town.
  • How to Grow Legal Marijuana - you've got to check this out! highgrow.us/index.html
  • Sunrise Opals has a great selection of stones. Visit their site at: www.sunriseopals.com
  • Skye's Gems and Minerals: a neat site that deals a lot with unusual materials from all over, but features some good stuff from Mexico and South America. www.skyesgems.com
  • Opals-opals: is a multilisting of some good opal sites run by webmaster Ben Alex. Some good stuff here: Australian opals and black opal jewelry from Opals Guaranteed.
  • Precious Pebbles: a good site for rough material from America and the world www.precious-pebbles.com
  • Opals Downunder: They have almost 40 years experience in the opal industry ...mining, cutting, wholesale & retail dealing in boulder opal and black opal. www.opalsdownunder.com.au
  • Internet Opals An outstanding and unique opal site in Coober Pedy, South Australia, that brings beautiful opals, opal rings, opal jewelry and opal rough direct from the opal miner to you.
  • Jewelry5.com A large link collection to help you find just what you're looking for
  • Meteorites Plus A member of the International Meteorite Collectors Association and every Meteorite for Sale is guaranteed to be authentic.
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