Stoned Opal

#1 Australia Stoned Opal is a 30 year miners' collection of rare & unusual boulder opal,Koroit & Yowah matrix,opal beads,cloisonne opal,picture stones and other strange items from the gemstone world.

This Gothic piece of Koroit Matrix lives in the Over $100 Click on the stone to get there.

These are the most bizarre pieces we've come across in three decades of mining, cutting,ultrasonic drilling,polishing, and making jewelry. Cloissone opal from Koroit shows fantastic patterns, boulder opal makes bright colored picture stones, the agate from Agate Creek can assume some crazy forms.Over the years we've high-graded all the weirdest ones and now, for the first time, offer a chance for the public to view them.

A beautiful deep clear amber stone, with streams of opal color running through it. Check it out in the Under $100 U.S. gallery. Click on stone or use red toolbar.

All prices are in U.S.A. dollars; most measurements are in millimeters and, like the weights, are approximate.To see a larger picture of the stone (and an interpretation thereof) please click on it. All items are in one of 7 gallerys which can be accessed through the red toolbar on any page. The pictures on this Home Page are actual links to their gallery. Just click on one to get there.

When you cruise the gallerys, see if you can detect a picture in the stones. If you think you can see one, it's there. If you'd like to know if your perception is shared by others, just click on the photo and you'll get an enlarged version, plus an interpretation of the picture as we see it (yeah, I see it; no you're crazy; what have you been smoking?; huh, where?). Beauty and Art are in the eye of the beholder.Please be aware that when you click to enlarge, the picture you saw may change, or may no longer be there . . . but then, a new one may emerge in micro. PLEASE SCROLL DOWN to see more of the Home Page.
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Heart of a Yowah Nut. Diamond G vvs2. The other side may even be better, with 2 large blue lakes. Click on the photo or on "Jewelry" in the red toolbar.
Good bead to wear in case you lose your head - you'll always have a spare! Check it out in the "Beads" gallery.
A macabre piece of natural sculpture from Agate Creek, north Queensland, Australia. Held in its appropriate gallery: "Weird Stones"
Many fishermen have a tale without the fish. This is a fish without a tail who swims in the "Picture Stones" gallery.
This is the bird who watches the fish who swims in the Picture Stones gallery.
This is the pinnacle upon which sits the bird who watches the fish and they can all be seen in the Picture Stones gallery.
A close-up of a rough-sawn slab of Koroit Cloissone opal. Is he looking at you? You can look at him in the "Rough" gallery.
A giant pair of Boulder Opal splits (see the inches ruler lower left) from Quilpie, Queensland. Click on this picture to get to the "Rough" gallery, or use the red toolbar.
A fantastic slab of Koroit cloisonne opal (see inches ruler). Each side is so unique and beautiful, we don't know which way to turn. See "Rough" gallery.
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